Renewable Energy Solutions for Manufacturing Industries in Ghana

14.11.2017 | 09:00
- 16:00
Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel - North Ridge





The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana) in collaboration with the German Development Corporation’s (GIZ) Renewable Energy Project Development Programme (PDP) and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy cordially invites you to participate in the Conference dubbed:

“Renewable Energy Solutions for Manufacturing Industries in Ghana”

Date: Tuesday, 14th November 2017

Venue: Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel - North Ridge

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Program Outline:

  • Business Models for Renewable Energies in Ghana
  • Energy Storage for Efficiency in the Industry
  • Development of Renewable Energy in Ghana
  • Presentation of innovative Business Models and Supporting Services for manufacturing Industries in Ghana

Participating German Company profiles:

Autarsys GmbH are experts in sustainable energy supply systems for off-grid applications. They offer high- quality, modular energy storage systems and provide the necessary project-accompanying consultancy, layout and planning services. Their expertise allows them to bring even the most complex projects to fruition. Autarsys offers: high-quality, integrated “plug & play” energy storage systems; a holistic consultancy service and system planning by an experienced team of experts; reliable project realization; and a partnership-like cooperation. With their services, they make it possible to use renewable energies in off-grid areas and reduce energy costs sustainably.

GRIPS Energy AG offers renewable energy as a service (ESCO) to large commercial and industrial off- takers in off- or weak-grid regions. GRIPS finances, owns and operates required renewable hybrid assets and supplies the energy on a “pay-per-use basis” to its customers in other words, the energy customer has not to finance or invest into the system. Their customers sign a power purchase agreement, and pay just for the electricity supplied or sign a lease agreement and pay the monthly lease - based on the hybrid system configuration grid independent power supply is possible (mitigation of load shedding, or full island systems).

Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH produces energy from wood. Their wood carburetor plants produce large energy volumes using only wood chips. The wood chips are dried and cleaned of small parts in the screen system. A conveyor screw transports the wood chips into the supply container that feeds it into the carburetor in a controlled manner. The wood is turned into gas there. The filter system cleans the fine particles from the gas, which is then sent into the gas cooler. Perfectly prepared, and now used as fuel for the gas engine of the plant.

Wind Technik Nord GmbH is responsible for the development, production and sale of wind energy converters, as well as license giving of their own products. Their strong growing non-productive department offers accessories - like climbing support as well as assemblies, services and training. They offer a comprehensive range of services and maintenance; performed by their national and international service teams. Their specially trained staff ensures smooth construction so that your wind turbine meets the highest standards. They supervise the wind turbines around-the-clock (24/7) with their innovative remote monitoring. The continuous operation of the turbine has top priority.

REDAVIA GmbH is the industry leader in rental solar power. They provide rental solar farms to businesses and communities in West and East Africa. With a proven track record in cost-effective, reliable and clean energy, REDAVIA is committed to using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development. The innovative REDAVIA pay-as-you-go system consists of a pre-configured container model containing solar modules and electrical components. Once the container is on-site, REDAVIA's trained, local specialists manage the installation, operations and maintenance of each solar farm. The company's carbon neutral solution can be used to support existing power structures by supplementing the utility grid or on-site diesel generators. Through their flexible rental agreements without upfront investements, customer can reduce costs and increase their operational flexibility without the burden of an upfront investment. 

Allianz Climate Solutions (ACS) serves as the center of competence for climate change with a focus on renewable energy. ACS offers insurance services and advisory services on financing issues for renewable energy projects to both external clients and Allianz entities. Furthermore, ACS is responsible for climate- related strategy development of Allianz and serves as catalyst for climate-related product development.

ACS acts as a

  • Broker for insurance solutions for renewable energy technologies
  • Advisor, evaluator and supporter for renewable energy projects
  • Developer of strategies and climate-related products, as well as an advisor on all topics related to climate change
  • An incubator for Allianz initiatives and projects related to climate change

ACS is a subsidiary of Allianz Asset Management GmbH.

Entry is FREE; please confirm your participation until Monday,13th November 2017.

NOTE: Only confirmed participants will be allowed to patronize this event

There are possibilities for Ghanaian Companies to meet the German companies for business to business (B2B) meetings on Monday, 13th to Thursday 16th November 2017.

Interested participants for the conference / B2B meetings should kindly contact

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Delegation of German Industry and commerce in Ghana

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