educataGhana 2018: Meet Your Right Business Partner


Connecting to your right business partners at educataGhana has been made easy through our digital platform, WeMatch. Download “WeMatch” Application from the AppStore / PlayStore on your smartphone and follow the steps below:


If you use “WeMatch” for the first time,


1.    If you are using “WeMatch” the first time, proceed to “This is my first time here”

2.    Sign-up either via Email or your LinkedIn profile. Before that, read and accept the Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and the Terms and Conditions

3.    Start the signing process, by filling in your Name, your Position and Sector. After signing up, proceed to “Complete”

4.    To complete the signing process, you have to type in your e-mail address and create a new password

5.    Choose your Event Host "AHK Ghana" and Signup


Once the registration is done,

6.    Choose the event in the footer of the application and choose “educataGhana2018”

7.    Click “Start Networking” and type the event welcu code #educataGhana to proceed

8.    To find matches, you need to complete your user profile by adding up to 7 skills you can offer and proceed by clicking “Continue”

9.    Check your selected skills in the overview provided and proceed by clicking “Start”

10. Congratulations! Start networking with your right business partners displayed

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