Our Institutional Partners

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH provides services worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment, energy and the environment, and peace and security [more].

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) ist die Außenwirtschaftsagentur der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Mit über 50 Standorten weltweit und dem Partnernetzwerk unterstützt Germany Trade & Invest deutsche Unternehmen bei ihrem Weg ins Ausland, wirbt für den Standort Deutschland und begleitet ausländische Unternehmen bei der Ansiedlung in Deutschland [mehr].

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Accra: maintaining good political relations between the Republic of Ghana and the Federal Republic of Germany is the first priority for the Embassy. The Political Section engages in the dialogue with the Ghanaian government, opposition and all relevant sectors of Ghanaian society [more].

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, Berlin: the official representation of the Republic of Ghana to Germany [more].

The German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. ) supports German businesses with their involvement on the African continent. Members profit from our decades-long experience in Africa related issues and a wide network in Africa, Germany and the world [more]. 

The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) creates synergies by linking partners’ collective expertise, commitment and resources. They connect the dots between the different stakeholders from the global Inclusive Business community. The aim is to increase access of businesses to support mechanisms as well as local implementation structures of partners, investors and other initiatives and networks [more].

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation. In Germany, 16 regional offices and two conference centers offer a wide variety of civic education conferences and events. Their offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries [more].