SES - Future needs experience!



We are happy to introduce to you our partner SES, Senior Experten Service. SES gives Ghanaian companies the opportunity to benefit from knowledge of retirees in different fields.

What is SES?

  • Senior Experten Service (SES) is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation (Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit). It is a non-profit organisation.

What does SES offer?

  • SES offers interested retirees the opportunity to pass on their skills and knowledge to others, both within Germany and abroad. They work in a voluntary capacity as Senior Experts, helping to train both specialist workers and management staff. They help others to help themselves – an important contribution towards safeguarding a small slice of the future. It is a system that benefits all parties.

 Where does SES offer services?

  • Senior Experts generally work in small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as with providers of vocational training and health care services, but it is also employed by such organisations and institutions as the German Agency for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ). The duration of these honorary assignments ranges usually from three to six weeks; the maximum duration is six months. A Senior Expert can be requested for follow-up assignments – to ensure the sustainability of his or her work.

How many retirees are active?

  • More than 10,000 Senior Experts, drawn from the active retired community, are entirely voluntary and help others to help themselves. Whether in small to medium-sized industrial or skilled trades and crafts enterprises, in large organisations or in local authorities, they offer help and advice using their specialist knowledge of over 50 different sectors.

The SES motto is "Future needs experience!"

  If you are interested in SES please feel free to contact us.